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Celebrating our third feature film produced locally using local talent, we at Motion Dog Films would like to invite you to our Red Carpet Event at Coin-Op Cantina in Cape Girardeau.   Recently, our comedy, Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot, gained international distribution and we’re just completing the filming of 2 Heads, a feature-length thriller.   



By finding and developing the skills and talents of a local cast and crew, we give young people right here in our area the opportunity to work on real-world feature film sets. 


Doing this takes a lot of time and money, but we feel it makes our community richer.   With open castings, actor training, internships and abundant rehearsals…our films look richer and local young people get to experience real on-set job training they can't learn in a classroom.



Our vision is to continue developing local talent through our film projects giving these amazing local actors, artists and future filmmakers something finished and tangible to be proud to be a part of, giving them the confidence to grow their art and seek careers in TV and motion pictures.

We at Motion Dog Films, with the support of 573 Magazine are using this Red Carpet Event not only as a Meet & Greet and Casting Call but also to raise money so we can continue this process of growing our local film industry and the skills of area dreamers.  


Would you care to help us in this effort with a donation?  

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