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In Development

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Screenwriter:  Thomas Smugala

Producer: John Steven Schnieder/Thomas Smugala/AJ Koehler

Director: Thomas Smugala

Genre:  Supernatural Thriller


Two kindred souls, one, an ex-slave working in an 1870 post-war brothel, and the other a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks in modern-day Missouri, unite through supernatural circumstances to uncover a 150-year-old reign of serial murders.  

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Screenwriter:  Thomas Smugala

Genre:  Psycho Thriller


A young woman, Alley Johana, researching her new book, follows leads back to her great-grandmother's horrific experience in Nazi Germany.  Surprisingly, the trail leads back to the United States to a mad-man who was also tortured by the Gestapo with her great-grandmother.  But Alley gets more than she was expecting when the man she discovered takes her freedom.


Screenwriter:  Thomas Smugala

Genre:  Comedy​/Horror


While trying to save his grandfather's comic shop from foreclosure, Lance Tittle and his girlfriend... decide to enter a medieval live-action role-playing (LARP) contest with a $20,000 prize for the best Larper.  But there is one thing standing in his way - Jon Neoplas, the banker's son, and a son-of-a-larping mad murderer - both attending the event as well.  Halfway through the contest, it becomes clear to all attending that there is no way to escape from the LARPers castle and the blood-thirsty crazy bastard dressed in medieval garb - alive anyway.  


Producer: AJ Koehler

Director:  Thomas Smugala

Genre:  Documentary


Many new immigrants to the US lived through hell in Venezuela.  Some escaped Maduro's dictatorship and now live in Farmington, a small town in Southern Missouri.  In this film, you'll meet an ex-soldier of the Venezuelan military grappling with guilt and regret, two Venezuelan doctors struggling to keep their family together, and a teenage Venezuelan boy on a study abroad program as he decides whether to stay in the US or go back to Venezuela to fight for freedom with his friends – a powerful decision to have to make at age 17.

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