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Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot

Directors:  Thomas Smugala

Screenwriter:  Thomas Smugala

Script Consultant: Damon Taylor

Genre:  Comedy


By-the-book forest ranger, Billy Teal (Tom Green), is dead set on preventing Cory Mathis (Les Stroud - Survivorman) from discovering the truth about the Mark Twain forest. Mathis, a respected college professor, claims a mythical forest creature killed his wife transforming him into a man haunted by obsession and revenge. Mathis partners up with legendary Bigfoot hunter Fran Andersen (Stacy Brown Jr.) who is out to collect the Nat Geo 10 million dollar bounty for the capture of the creature, but Ranger Teal; a covert government agency and a serial hoaxer (Rick Dyer) have other plans.


Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen - 2007

Directors:  Thomas Smugala

Screenwriter:  Jim Schulte and Thomas Smugala

Genre:  Comedy/Horror


When unforeseen circumstances leave the country in ruins, a bitter ex-fashion model rises to power, only to find the two things she can't possess; beauty and love.  26-year-old cover Amber, who absconds from Manhattan when her age yields a devastating rejection from modeling.  After she flees to a small town, the titular apocalypse occurs and destroys the country.  Amber relies on her cunning and ingenuity to band the locals together and helps them collect supplies and ammunition and stockpile food, but suddenly the power goes to her head and threatens to spin severely out of control.  Meanwhile, a friend slyly and viciously manipulates the people of the community through Amber; then a guard falls in love with one of the underlings and brings Amber's authority and control to an end. The film co-stars horror icon Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

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