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Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot - 2019

Directors:  Thomas Smugala

Screenwriter: Thomas Smugala

Genre:  Comedy

Distribution: Currently in distribution 

By-the-book forest ranger, Billy Teal (Tom Green), is dead set on preventing Cory Mathis (Les Stroud - Survivorman) from discovering the truth about the Mark Twain forest. Mathis, a respected college professor, claims a mythical forest creature killed his wife transforming him into a man haunted by obsession and revenge. Mathis partners up with legendary Bigfoot hunter Fran Andersen (Stacy Brown Jr.) who is out to collect the Nat Geo 10 million dollar bounty for the capture of the creature, but Ranger Teal; a covert government agency and a serial hoaxer (Rick Dyer) have other plans.


The Canadian duo of Tom Green and Les Stroud hit it out of the forest! A darkly witty comedy with a dysfunctional protagonist, a twisted narrative, and a series of events that builds into a shocker of an ending.

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Tom Green                                       Jessi Combs                                      Les Stroud
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